Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello again!

Hi everyone!! I'm sure hardly anyone checks this thing anymore since it's been on a 7 month hiatus. Life has thrown me some curves in the past few months and I've just been adjusting to life on my own. I'm in my 3rd week of a 21 month accelerated Bachelors of Science, Nursing- RN degree program at Cal State Bakersfield. Since it's an accelerated program the workload is pretty intense!! I'm just thankful that I got accepted and that I will have something to keep me occupied for the next two years!! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and hopefully I will have some fun pics to upload soon!!


Malia said...

Shanda, I think of you often! Best of luck with the nursing degree. Come see us in Seattle sometime we would love to have you.

Pamella said...

Hey Shanda,great to see some activity here. Sounds like an intense 2 years ahead of you but i know you can do it. Miss all of you in CA.

Shane & Suzanne Kleppen said...

Good to see an update! Good luck on the schooling, it will pay off in the end! Take care, and come see the newest little one sometime! :)

Elaine said...

Hi Shanda,
So glad you can keep busy with school. Good luck with it!! I keep forgetting to tell you we changed our blog address a while back to
Take care,

Elizabeth said...

Shanda , yes I so check in now and then but sure you are ubber busy. Hope summer and school are going well. Loved the picture of you , Anya and a friend on fb the other day--beautiful smiles!!! Elizabeth