Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello again!

Hi everyone!! I'm sure hardly anyone checks this thing anymore since it's been on a 7 month hiatus. Life has thrown me some curves in the past few months and I've just been adjusting to life on my own. I'm in my 3rd week of a 21 month accelerated Bachelors of Science, Nursing- RN degree program at Cal State Bakersfield. Since it's an accelerated program the workload is pretty intense!! I'm just thankful that I got accepted and that I will have something to keep me occupied for the next two years!! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and hopefully I will have some fun pics to upload soon!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekend getaway!!

Beautiful California Poppies
A gorgeous place to play disc golf with my sister and my cousins

Anya got a new camera for her birthday so the whole day was pretty much a photo

Avila Beach, my home away from home,
when I am here all my worries are swept away by the sound of the waves!

Woohoo! So excited to be here!

Anya, my cousin Brendan and I

Cody's Blog

Hey for all of you who are interested my brother Cody is living and going to school in Panama for 3 months. He has a travel blog at if you want to check it out! he probably won't update it very often but he put up some pics from the first 2 weeks that are pretty sweet!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nov, Dec, & a lil January

These aren't in the correct order but it's how I loaded them so that's how they are going to stay ;-)!!! We had wonderful holidays with friends and family. These are just a few pictures from the past couple of months...

Pismo Beach 3 days after's winter?? it sure didn't look or feel like it!!

The tide was waaaayyyy out...

My Mom and Auntie walkin the pier

We went ice skating while we were in Mammoth Christmas weekend

Before hitting the slopes at Mammoth

My bro and and sis ready to shred the slopes!

Christmas morning..Cody helping Dad unwrap the Wii

Mom loves her warm snuggly blankie from Anya

Anya showing off her new leather toiletry bag and ugg sandals(???wierd I know but they are super comfy!!)

Cody and Loren both got new pairs of boots..and they just couldn't wait to try them on!!
My urban cowboy..ha ha..

Dad playin Santa

All the pretty presents..gotta show off our wrapping

All the stockings hung by the fire with care...(except no fire because we didn't want things to melt..)

Christmas breakfast...yum!!

Christmas Eve and Grandpa and Grandmas..Grandpa was Santa for the evening...

My gramps and I

Christmas dinner the weekend before Christmas

Yes that is a smile I see!!

Loren went up to the mountains for a snow ride

Our local zoo gets decorated with lights every year, it's very festive and a lot of fun!

A visit to the Getty Museum in L.A with our friends from Australia and San Diego

Pete and Ash from Australia and Kyle, Anna-lisa, & William from SD, we met up in Santa Monica for the day

My birthday dinner at Shoguns.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's December Already!!???

Where did the time go? We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both of our families here in Bakersfield at my parent's house. Mom and Dad Hansen outdid themselves with the baking. They brought 7 (yes 7!) pies and homemade caramel chews and we had rolls made from scratch with our Thanksgiving dinner and cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Friday morning and lattes every morning and afternoon! They totally spoiled us!! That was in addition to all the goodies my mom made and Sherry Burns sent a lot of yummy breads and Southern dressing (stuffing) along with her boys since the three of them were here with us as well. We tried to squeeze in some exercise along with all the eating and played some disc golf, football, horseshoes, darts, and football of course! I took absolutely NO pictures the entire weekend so hopefully the photographer in the family took a few that will be put up on their blog. I finished Fall quarter of school the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so I am now on winter break, which basically just means I get to work full time instead of part time which works out good since I'm going to be doing lots of shopping!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking about Fall...

Saw these on a blog I like...I think I'm going to attempt to make them soon!! Apple Dumplings!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pioneer Day Parade 2009

This past weekend the Grant Family celebrated 127 years of Paso Robles, California living. My aunts did an amazing job decorating our float and sewing all of our costumes. They did so much research into the history of the Grant Family and all of my grandpa's relatives that he doesn't get to see that often showed up at the Paso Robles park for a family reunion after the parade. The Independent Scotch Company was the name of the wagon train that the Grants came west with.

Getting ready for the parade.

Mom holding the California and Scottish flags

Interesting conversation

Loren with Kirsten and new baby Juliet, he was the photographer for the rest of the day so this is pretty much the only picture of him!!

My beautiful sister

Ella and I enjoying the park after the parade

A 1912 Indian motorcycle

Uncle Bruce driving the old Chevy

One of the other entries in the parade

The parade featured a lot of old machinery, amazing that it still runs!

Ella in the old time bath tub...our float theme was Bath time at the Grant Ranch...complete with bubbles!

Mom and my grandpa's cousin Leslie

My lil cousin Andrew

My brother Cody, sister Anya, and cousin Ryan